I am so thrilled at the thought of being able to consume a glass of wine, without suffering a severe reaction - similar to a very bad head cold - affecting my speech breathing and sinus headache.


I’m one of those poor wine lovers that can’t drink the stuff because it makes me itchy and affects my sleep. On behalf of wine lovers the world over who are allergic, a big thanks!


I am the owner of a wine selling business in Fortson Georgia USA and although the wine market is great here many of my customers shy from it because of the sulphites. Where can I get your product?


If there is a God it must be James Pennington. I have been a wine lover for many years and the onset of chronic asthma and COAD have robbed me of enjoying good wine. I can think of nothing more pleasing to see me through than to enjoy good wine again.


After many decades of enjoying wine I was recently diagnosed with allergies to the preservatives in wine, since then life really has been nowhere near as enjoyable.


My daughter bought some of your PureWine drops from our local Safeway bottle shop and we have both been using them with great success. I suffer dreadfully with migraine which after decades of research have narrowed down to being set off by preservatives and my daughters liver never recovered from glandular fever over 10 years ago and was unable to drink even one glass of wine without becoming doubled up in pain. We have been able to enjoy having a drink or two now with no side effects thanks to your wonderful product.


Having been unable to drink wine for most of my life without the inevitable headache and sinus, I can now enjoy a glass of wine without these problems. It’s hard to believe something so simple and inexpensive works. I make it a point of displaying the drops when I am out socially as it is amazing the number of people with the same problem as I have. Congratulations on your ‘invention’, I am just sorry these weren’t available years ago - all that wonderful wine I could have sampled.


Bought your product last night and it worked extremely well. I get headaches from the lowest levels of alcohol consumption, especially red wine, and it was a nice change to wake up without a dull head. I think your onto a winner!


I recently was introduced to Purewine drops by a friend, as she has watched me many times drink certain wines that cause me to have a reaction ie; Sneezing constantly and having watery eyes. Not anymore! Thank you Purewine.


I would like to thank you for Purewine. I am now able to drink wine again after many years. I no longer suffer from heart palpitations, itchy throat and face, and sleepless nights from drinking wine. I was very skeptical when I was introduced to it, but I am now a real convert.


I have been using Purewine consistently for a few months now. The reason I love it is not so much for the headaches but the fact that the psoriasis I have been living with has all but cleared up. I need to add I have given up gluten too and do have a good diet but I am totally convinced the sulphites contributed to the problem. Thanks to Purewine (which I now carry in my handbag) I don’t have to avoid wine.


This product rocks! Three times drinking now and no sinus congestion, no huffing, no headache..fantastic!! Will be putting a bottle in my handbag to take out with me in future too.


This product is amazing. I have always suffered severe headaches and red welts, happy to say no more. I am 45 now and have freedom to enjoy a drink without the nasty effects. Thanks.


I just cant believe it!! For the past 20 years I could not even taste any alcohol without getting purple blotches on my burning red hot poker face along with burning/tingling swollen lips and a headache like I had been hit by a train. Yesterday I had 1 sip of champagne at a breakfast birthday with a drop of your miracle water. I had an epipen/ventolin and a babysitter on the ready as usual as I would be out for the day. My family were ready as I took my sip and we waited and waited. Something was wrong could it be that the champagne was off, the glass was washed in something - no reaction?? So I took a huge swig of the golden delicious bubbly that I had not enjoyed for years and to everyones disbelief I finished the bottle!! No rash, redness at all, no throbbing sleepy headache, no swollen face, no burning. Everyone at the party was amazed including me...I was lucky enough to see it in Liquorland and the bit that caught my eye was reduced redness, rash. I can now join in at parties without the worry of ending up in hospital. Well done to your scientists. I am still in shock!! With a clear head and smooth skin I say thankyou.


I am 53 years old and have suffered extreme pain from gout for the last 20 years allegedly due to my over indulgence in my early years! Having carefully tested most acidic foods and drinks I found that the gout flared up about 20 minutes later every time I drank red or white wine. 18 months later a glass of wine at a wedding, 20 minutes later Gout and a week of pain! I was told by a friend to drink preservative free wine and that may help. One afternoon in a local liquor store I struck up a conversation with a staff member who introduced me to your Purewine! Since that night I have been able to drink all wines again. Your product is amazing. I have been spreading the word and numerous friends who I have spoken to about your product have started using it with the same results, bloody brilliant!


I am just writing you a very warmhearted thank you after having very itchy and red skin on my face and swollen eyes after drinking one and a half glasses of a very nice red wine on Saturday (it is now Tuesday and my face is still sore and itchy..) It seems that I don’t have this reaction to all wines, but screw-tops and other factors are obviously affecting my body’s reaction. Anyway I am looking forward to never having this reaction again thanks to your product - I will certainly be telling everyone I know about it! Thank you very much again.


Hi, I have had a severe allergy to preservatives for about 30 years. Not only does your product allow me to drink the occasional wine, but I use it in mixed drinks and any mineral water or soft drink containing preservatives. I tell everyone that I know about your wonderful product.


I was recently introduced to your product by a friend who sees my reaction when drinking certain wines. My neck and chest would become red and blotchy. I also would have nasal congestion, and in some instances sneezing. I have found since using Purewine for the past 2 months I have not had any of these reactions. So I Thank you for this little treasure.


Hello, I have been using your Purewine drops since summer. They are amazing!!!!!!! I have had no bad hangover as I am sensitive to preservatives in all wine. I now take them with me everywhere and tell anyone I’m with how wonderful they are and they really do work!!! I would like to buy shares in your product!! Thank you for making drinking wine fun again.


These are amazing. Woke this morning not feeling like I had been punched in the face from pounding sinuses. I added to my beer, worked a treat.


This product has allowed me to choose any wine I like, not just the preservative free few and far between wines. Thank you Purewine.


I was told of your Purewine drops by a friend, and I am now hooked! They go everywhere with me and I use them in every wine I drink. I believe I wake up feeling brighter and not as foggy after enjoying a few wines.


Love this stuff. I’m severely allergic to Preservative 220 and this has allowed me to drink these wines again. Thanks!


Thank you so much for Purewine Drops. It is absolutely wonderful that I can now drink a glass of wine or two without any nasty headaches the next day. I have always had a problem with the sulphates in wine and saying it reduces these is an understatement. My headaches are gone. Thank you again and again. Very happy.


I suffered blocked nose and complete hearing loss due to the sulphates in wine. It was so debilitating that it would send me to bed. Since using your drops, hand on heart, I have not suffered one episode of this reaction. I had left my drops home one night and thought, “I’ll be right”, but no sooner than I had two glasses of wine my ear blocked and we had to go home. Proof is in the taking so now I have stocked up well and truly and can’t thank you enough. I have already got a heap of people trying them and will testify to the benefit of Purewine.


I have to send a huge thankyou for creating this product. I have always been sensitive from the preservatives in all wines. Having just one glass would give me a headache that lasted for days. I was recommended this product and haven’t looked back. My father loves this too... It’s the last item on a checklist before we go out for dinner... “Do you have the drops”? Thanks so much again



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