What is in Purewine?
— Purewine is a dilute (<3%) food grade solution of hydrogen peroxide specially manufactured for the purpose of reducing preservatives in wine.
Does it change the taste?
— When used as directed there is no noticeable change to the taste.
Are the by products produced by removing the sulphites harmful?
— Purewine changes the harmful sulphites into harmless sulphates and are in tiny quantities, similar to the level found in drinking water.
What happens if I put in too much?
— It will probably result in some increased oxidation of the wine but no other harmful effects.
I am very sensitive to sulphites can I increase the amount added to be extra safe?
— Yes, the addition of an extra 1-3 drops per bottle will ensure the level of preservatives is extremely low but there is a possibility the wine will show some signs of oxidation. Trial and error with your favourite wine is a good option.
What are the signs of oxidation?
— Generally there is lack of fresh aroma’s, the taste may seem a little flat and the colour will deepen (in whites) and brown (in reds).
Is Purewine safe?
— Purewine’s active ingredient H2O2 is an approved additive under The National Health and Medical Research Council Food Standards Code 4.5.1
What will happen to an unfinished treated bottle of wine?
— As the wine is low in preservatives after treatment it will generally start to oxidise after 24 hours.